HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO US!!   We will be 24 this year!!

KITCHEN CULTURE KITS INC. WAS INCORPORATED ON MARCH 17, 1998, AND WE ARE THANKFUL FOR ALL THE PEOPLE WE HAVE INTERACTED WITH BOTH ONLINE AND AT WORKSHOPS. Last year I promised an extra PPM or extra hormone with my kits but ended up doing that all year long.  Not sure what to offer this year.  I was thinking a monthly Zoom meeting might be interesting.  Let me know if interested...............Carol

If you have not viewed the video, have a look.  Some people love it, others hate it.  It's free so can't really complain.  There are so many good videos out there now that we can't compete plus I have being in front of camera.

I made this video in 2014 to help people who could not come to a workshop.  However I was advised NOT to sell it unless I redid the voice over (my voice is terrible).  I never did re-do the voiceover, but at this time when we are all encouraged to avoid crowds, I thought this video might be useful. 

It was developed to view on iPhone so if you look at it, decrease your screen size by half or more. I have this on my iPhone and usually watch it on the plane when on the way to a workshop (to refresh my memory, or put me to sleep, which ever comes first.)  You might also want to turn it on mute.

WARNING:  Watch at your own risk, and no complaints please.







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