KITCHEN CULTURE KITS INC. WAS INCORPORATED ON MARCH 17, 1998, AND WE ARE THANKFUL FOR ALL THE PEOPLE WE HAVE INTERACTED WITH BOTH ONLINE AND AT WORKSHOPS. I will be giving an extra hormone or PPM in my kits but for those who are not ordering now, I am offering this video.

I made this video in 2014 to help people who could not come to a workshop.  However I was advised NOT to sell it unless I redid the voice over (my voice is terrible).  I never did re-do the voiceover, but at this time when we are all encouraged to avoid crowds, I thought this video might be useful. 

It was developed to view on iPhone so if you look at it, decrease your screen size by half or more. I have this on my iPhone and usually watch it on the plane when on the way to a workshop (to refresh my memory, or put me to sleep, which ever comes first.)  You might also want to turn it on mute.

One day I would like to have one of my workshops recorded and a proper video made from it. 

WARNING:  Watch at your own risk, and no complaints please.




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