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This website was developed to help hobbyists, students, teachers, nurserymen and other brave people do plant tissue culture without expensive equipment.  We educate.  We sell kits and supplies. We try to help......carol

Tentative hours are 9 am-1 pm M-R Pacific Standard Time; orders ship within 1 day-3 weeks. 

Shipping:  All orders shipped USPS Priority or Express. 

PayPal/Credit Cards are accepted.  Credit cards also accepted over the phone using "Square Reader".  Checks accepted with approval.  Contact Carol if you have a Purchase Order.

Almost guaranteed to be fun, therapeutic, addictive, enlightening, (educational - but don't tell anyone) and a nice way to communicate with other plant lovers.

KCK logoPlant tissue culture (micropropagation, cloning, in vitro culture) is a method of plant propagation that
  • involves growing pieces of plants (shoot tip, node, leaves, etc.) in a sterile environment
  • producing numerous new plants ("plantlets") year-round
  • using supplies from your kitchen or classroom

In the past, this was restricted to university  and industry laboratories but since 1998 we have been teaching people how to do this in their kitchens and classrooms using inexpensive supplies.

How Do You Get Started:

  1. Email Carol  for a copy of our Workshop Handout
  2. Read overview of our model system:  African violet Leaf Culture
  3. Explore our website: we sell KitsSupplies-Refills, and provide free information.
  4. Join a Listserv (free, valuable source which connects you with other hobbyists)
  5. Visit the Home Tissue Culture Group.  KCK offers **Discounts for New HTCG members**
  6. Visit www.planttccases.org  for protocols and media information
  7. Communicate with others - See the MAP - for locations of TC People Worldwide
  8. Watch YouTube videos